A City Transformed

Watch Mayor Suther’s full 2018 State of the City Address by clicking the above picture.

When Mayor Suthers announced his candidacy for Mayor of Colorado Springs in September of 2014, he identified three priorities arising from challenges our city was facing. First, he wanted to create a more collaborative political relationship between the Mayor and City Council, and between the City and other governmental entities in the Pikes Peak Region. The dysfunctional relationship that had existed was preventing us from addressing serious issues facing the city. Secondly, he wanted to secure public support for investment in critical public infrastructure. After years of neglect, our roads were bad and our stormwater system was so deficient that the city was the subject of litigation by the EPA, the State of Colorado, and downstream communities. Finally, Mayor Suthers wanted to promote significant job creation. Both job creation and wage growth in Colorado Springs had been largely stagnant for a decade.

In the ensuing years, Mayor Suthers has worked with the City Council and our citizens to address many of the serious issues we faced. Through his leadership we have secured an unprecedented level of public and private investment in our city. Thanks to Colorado Springs voters, in the last three years we’ve paved over 700 miles of major arterials and are developing the best stormwater program in the state. Since Mayor Suthers took office 24,000 jobs have been created in our community, an average of 7,300 per year. The median wage for a posted job opening is now about $72,500. We’ve become a CyberSecurity hub for the nation. Our downtown core is experiencing dynamic growth in business and residents. Enplanements at the Colorado Springs Airport have increased dramatically since 2015.

Our real estate market is among the best in the country and we are smartly planning for the inevitable growth of our community. We have successfully branded Colorado Springs as Olympic City USA and sports have become a major sector of our local economy. Tourism is booming and will continue to do so with the opening of the U.S. Olympic Museum and Hall of Fame.

In the last year Colorado Springs, in competition with the most dynamic cities in our country, was rated by U.S. News and World Report as the second best place in America to live and the #1 most desirable city in America. Largely because of our job market and recreational assets, we have the fastest growing millennial population in the country.

Mayor Suthers is a very experienced manager of large organizations and he has put together a great team of professionals at the City to provide the municipal services our citizens expect and deserve for their tax dollars.

Mayor Suthers told the voters four years ago that if elected Mayor, he would use every ounce of his energy to get Colorado Springs moving again. With the help of his wife Janet they have done just that. They love Colorado Springs and they feel privileged to have a role to play at this point in our city’s history.

Thank you for all you’ve done to help our city move forward over the past four years. With your help we will continue to build a great city that matches our magnificent scenery!

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