John Suthers Interview with KOAA’s Jessica Barreto

Incumbent Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers sits down with News5’s Jessica Barreto to discuss his objectives in seeking another term and what he plans to do if re-elected.

Gazette endorsements for the Colorado Springs election in April

Mail-in ballots went out Friday, presenting voters with four candidates for mayor, 12 for three at-large City Council seats, and a request for union bargaining for the Colorado Springs Fire Department known as Issue 1.

The Gazette’s editorial board presents the following endorsements, asking readers to consider them as one component of their due diligence before voting. We made our decisions after meeting with proponents and opponents of Issue 1, after meeting with candidates who asked to see us, and after assessing candidate web sites, campaign literature and statements in forums.

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The Colorado Sun: Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, one of the state’s top Republicans, on what’s ahead for the GOP, or his city and his future

John Suthers is ruling out a future bid for Colorado governor and he won’t say how close to becoming a part of the Trump administration he came. But he will say that he thinks Colorado Springs is on solid ground — and that he’s glad to be its mayor.

When John Suthers termed out of statewide office in 2015, after the longest run as Colorado attorney general in state history, the powerful Republican did not slide into retirement.

Within six months, he was elected mayor of the second-largest city in the state and quietly began working to jumpstart Colorado Springs’ listless recovery from the Great Recession.

Now, after the sweeping losses for his party in the November elections, Suthers finds himself with an outsized voice in the Colorado GOP and sees a need for change — a change in GOP candidates with messages to match the shifting demographics of the state.

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The Gazette: Colorado Springs area had nation’s fourth-hottest job market through October

The Colorado Springs area added nearly 15,000 jobs in the 12 months ending Oct. 31, giving the region the fourth hottest job market in the nation.

That 5.2 percent growth rate ranked behind Midland, Texas; Ocean City, N.J., and Kankakee, Ill., according to data released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Like all jobs reports, the growth rate will eventually be adjusted downward in March when more complete employment information is available, an economist said.

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The Gazette Editorial: “A Strong Mayor Attests to Our Success”

Mayor John Suthers had an enviable task Friday, reporting the “State of the City” during this pinnacle era for Colorado Springs.

Other cities and towns should look to the Springs to learn how we got here.

Suthers summarized a long list of positive cultural and economic indicators by citing the country’s undisputed leader in best-of rankings.

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The Gazette: “Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers to Seek Re-election”

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said he’ll seek re-election in April.

“I will not make a formal announcement until January but will use the next four months to organize a campaign and raise funds for it,” he said.

Suthers, former Colorado attorney general, won his mayoral seat in an April 2015 runoff against former Mayor Mary Lou Makepeace, the only woman elected to that office. He replaced Mayor Steve Bach, who did not seek re-election.

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