Mayor John Suthers Announces Bid for Re-Election as Mayor of Colorado Springs

On the same stage as he did four years ago, Mayor John Suthers formally announced his campaign to run for re-election as Mayor of Colorado Springs. A crowd of approximately 200 people gathered for the event at Ivywild School.

In his speech, Suthers described the progress Colorado Springs has made in the past four years and outlined his plans for a next term. The city’s municipal election is April 2.

Suthers highlighted successes, such as infrastructure improvements and job creation, but acknowledged that there remains much work left to be done in the next several years.

“We need to complete the City for Champions projects that are underway, including a downtown stadium and arena, as well as tourist attractions like a new Pikes Peak Summit House and Cog Railway,” Suthers said.

During his term as Mayor, Colorado Springs has seen over 700 miles of major arterials improved and the creation of an aggressive stormwater program. In addition to city improvements, the job market has added over 28,000 new jobs in the region. The median wage is now over $80,000, almost 25% higher than when Suthers took office in 2015.

Former City Council President Merv Bennett, President and Co-Owner of Garden of the Gods Club and Resort, Brenda Smith and Founder and CEO of Altia, Mike Juran, spoke before Suthers and announced their support for his re-election.

Mike Juran stated, “John Suthers’ election as mayor was a turning point for Colorado Springs. The positive change he brought about caused our company to stop considering other locations for our headquarters and to strengthen our commitment to Colorado Springs.

In 2015, Suthers ran on a platform describing three major challenges the city faced: creating a collaborative political environment, investment in public infrastructure, and promoting job creation. Though much progress has been seen in these areas, infrastructure and job creation will remain top priorities.

The Mayor took time to address other improvements to citizen’s lives, such as the transformation of the airport, increasing police officers and firefighters, and progress in addressing the issues of affordable housing and homelessness.

At the end of his speech, Mayor Suthers referenced Colorado Springs’ humble beginnings as a colony founded by General Palmer and praised the years of hard work put into the city by community and government leaders alike.

“It’s a real tribute to our predecessors that even after 147 years and a population of ½ million people, Colorado Springs is the most desirable city in America to live. Our job is to ensure it remains so far into the future,” Suthers said.

The deadline to turn in nominating petitions with at least 100 signatures from registered voters is January 22.